When you can’t fix your car, borrow a @wells97 #e36
I am never, ever buying a 4wd. I can not fit in ANY car park in the cbd. #2.15mProblemz
Chill Perth 360.
In with a shot of getting an official photographers spot at the V8 Supercars Perth 400 this year. Had limited media access last year, and had literally no idea what I was doing, so fingers crossed.
Australia’s South West has some of the best roads. (e36 328is)
While I was working out in the country, I also crashed my BMW into a storm drain. Hit some loose gravel on the central reservation, the back end snapped out - I floored it, kept reasonable control as it fishtailed wildy, managed to get it in a straight line as it left the road, (scraped up a 6” concrete kerb) Kept right on the gas in 3rd gear and managed to get it away from that fuckoff big wall which it would have smacked straight into… If I’d have hit the brakes it would have been game over - This is why we do advanced driver courses. 
Needless to say, stones flew through the front of the engine bay, broke blades off the engine fan, which subsequently exploded and shot blades through my radiator, so it’s currently sat in bits in my garage while I wait for parts to arrive. 
I fucking love this car, but it is so inappropriate for my life right now.
Australian Winter
Sorry for the radio silence, been a busy few weeks. I’m back.
New rig while the #bmw is off the road. 

I am already wearing a stained wifebeater. Now someone bring me VB and a pack of winnie blues #straya

Haim & Lorde.
Perth 08/02/14.
Train rat